Golden Rules for Healthy Hair

Having strong, shiny and healthy hair is the dream most women share. Healthy hair does not only look great, it is also easy to manage. Plus, it can give you a boost in confidence. The healthier your hair is, the more confident you become.

In order to achieve healthy, shiny locks, you need to give your hair the attention it deserves. Here are some rules to follow for healthier, more attractive hair.

Wash your hair at an interval of 3 to 4 days

Frequent washing can dry out your hair. Overtime, this can leave you with dull, dry and brittle hair. Avoid shampooing your hair often. If you have oily hair and it tends to look greasy the next day, then opt for a dry shampoo instead. This will help keep your hair and scalp clean and fresh without drying out your locks. We also advise that you use a shampoo with low PH if you’ll be shampooing often.

Condition your hair

The cold weather and dry hair can wreak havoc on your hair. Conditioning your hair will bring moisture back to your locks. Never skip conditioner even if you have oily hair. If you do, then focus on the ends only.

The use of natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil is also beneficial. Not only will it moisturize your hair and scalp, it can also stimulate your scalp and encourage healthy hair growth. It may be time consuming and messy, but you’ll reap the rewards of having great hair.


Diet plays an important role on your hair’s health. After all, your hair is a reflection of your overall health. If you want healthy, shiny, and strong hair, then feed your body with the nutritious foods.

Be sure to incorporate foods that are rich in protein, vitamin B12, and Omega-3 fatty acids into your daily diet. With proper diet, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having healthy hair and body.

Regular trims

Split ends will not only make your hair look worse, it can actually damage it. Overtime, they can spread upwards and travel up the hair shaft.

Despite the number of commercial products that promise to treat split ends, they don’t work. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut your hair. If you have split ends, we encourage you to book an appointment with your stylist and get a haircut. Regular trims are also recommended to maintain healthy hair and prevent them from coming back.