4 Easy Ways to Deal with Static Hair

During the winter months, many of you probably experience static hair. It is usually caused by the lack of moisture in the air. Because winter air has low humidity, you may suddenly feel the ends of your hair flying away. Not only is it annoying, it makes your hair difficult to manage.

Here are 4 easy ways to deal with static hair. Use these tips to help keep your hair smooth and sleek all winter long.

Use a silicone-based conditioner

Using a silicone-based conditioner makes your hair less prone to static. It coats your strands and neutralizes electric charge that causes static. However, it should not be used over a long period of time as it can dry out your hair. Since the product coats your hair, it prevents the absorption of conditioner; thus, leaving your hair dry and frizzy.

Use an ionic dryer

If blow drying your hair has always been a part of your morning routine, we encourage you to switch to an ionic dryer. Unlike regular blow dryers, ionic dryers will break down water molecules in your hair instead of evaporating them. These dryers cut down the drying process without stripping your hair off of its moisture. In addition, it also neutralizes the positive ions in your locks to help get rid of static.

Hairspray is your friend

Spritz some hairspray on your brush or comb before brushing your hair. Do this while your hair is still damp. It may seem weird, but it’s a tried and tested technique. This will help tame flyaways and static hair. You will notice the difference once your hair dries completely.

Crank up the humidifier

Static is produced when your hair loses moisture and vital electrons. Cranking up the humidifier can help you deal with static hair.

Having a humidifier in your home will not only help get rid of static air, it can also bring you immense relief from dry skin and any other condition that can be affected by dry air. It will add moisture to the air, so you will no longer have to deal with static in your hair.