What You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are fabulous options for adding length and volume to your hair. We see celebrities wearing hair extensions all over Hollywood red carpets, and they look fabulous. They turn to hair extensions whenever they feel like changing their look.

If you are considering getting hair extensions, then we urge you to read on. Here’s what you need to know before getting hair extensions.

It’s a no-no for those with scalp conditions

Hair extensions can sit close to your scalp. Getting hair extensions is definitely not a good idea for individuals with dandruff or scalp conditions as it can exacerbate them.  Be sure to get these conditions under control before booking a hair extension installation appointment.

Get a haircut

Once your hair extensions are applied, it’s going to stay in place for about 3 to 5 months. During those months, you won’t be able to have a haircut. You might as well use this opportunity to give it a good cut. In addition, it will be difficult to examine the ends of your hair once the extensions are in place. As such, we recommend getting a haircut before your appointment to get rid of the split and dead ends.

Consider your hair health

Make sure you have healthy hair before getting extensions. We’re not saying that your hair should be in perfect condition, but at least make sure that they’re not damaged or brittle.

If your hair is already breaking off or falling out, adding hair extensions is like asking for trouble. It is going to put more stress on your hair, making it break.

Match your hair extensions with your hair color

When choosing hair extensions, you need to make sure that it matches with your hair color. If you haven’t shopped for an extension yet, we recommend that you color your hair before adding extensions. Color your hair with the shade you want and then look for an extension with the exact shade as your hair. But if you already have the extensions on hand, book an appointment with your stylist so as to ensure that you get the exact shade of your hair extensions. There’s no guarantee that you’ll end up with the exact shade if you settle for an at-home coloring kit.

If you decide to have get hair extensions, please contact Salon Forum. Our team of hairstylists will help you get the look that works for you.