Prettiest Ways to Wear a Headband

Most people steer clear from headbands, thinking these accessories are best reserved for children. But the truth is that these U-shaped accessories can add some flair to your outfit and add spice to your hairdo. Find the right headband and reinvent your look with this classic hair accessory.

Whether you have long, short, thick or fine hair, there is a headband for you. Here are some ideas on how to wear a headband.

Wear your hair down

There are days when you just want to wear your hair down, but don’t want your strands in your face either. In this case, a headband may be what you’re looking for. For a chic, romantic look, try curling the ends of your hair.

Top off an updo

French twists and low chignons are staple hairstyles for events. These updos are simple, yet classy. But if you are looking to infuse a bit of fun and personality into your look, try topping it off with a headband.

Even if you start with a messy updo, you’ll still look put together once you top it off with your favorite headband. Anyway, messy updos are on trend right now. Plus, headbands actually look better on tresses that are a little messy.

Dress up a pixie

Think headbands are only for women with long hair? Think again! Headbands are a great way to pull your hair back while adding oomph to your look. For short-haired gals, select a thin headband and make sure it fits snugly. Don’t go any larger than an inch wide. Opt for one in neutral tones like silver, ivory or gold for a more sophisticated look. Avoid chunky details like bows or flowers.

Ponytail and headband

Many of your probably wear your hair like when you hit the gym, but this hairstyle actually works for a night out. Just pull your hair into a pony tail. Keep your hair smooth and sleek. Then, add a statement headband to it. Choose a thin headband, preferably those in neutral colors.