Popular Men’s Hairstyles to Try

Men are becoming more conscious with the way they look. Wanting to look cool and stylish, many of them are more becoming adventurous and are willing to try out new trends. Of course, looking good also means finding a hairstyle that would complement their facial features and reflect their personality.

In the recent years, we’ve seen so much diversity in men’s hairstyles. In this blog, we’ll feature some of the most popular men’s hairstyles. If you haven’t changed your hairstyle in a while, you might want give one of them a try.

Taper cut

Taper cut is considered as a classic haircut. Thanks to the gradual fade of length on the sides and on the back, it gives off a clean and classic look. While it has never gone out of style, it made a serious comeback in 2016. It seems like the taper cut is still going strong this year.

Long hair

As men become more adept in using tools and styling products, the number of men who choose to grow their hair continues to rise.

Long hair has been acceptable in both casual and formal setting. If you decide to grow your hair, you need to keep in mind that it is a long-term commitment. After all, you hair can’t grow your hair overnight. It will take months to years to achieve your desired length. Plus, you also need to keep it healthy. Regular trims are a must to get rid of split ends and prevent it from coming back.

Textured on top

People are now moving away from the tight-fitting clothing and opting for a more relaxed and casual way of dressing. Because of this, more and more men are ditching the neat and tidy hairstyle and are giving way to more messy hairstyles.

While they prefer to keep their sides clean, they opt for a longer, more textured style on the top. It has a tousled and messy finish. It’s a great way to add volume and definition to fine hair. This can be worn by men of all ages. It is especially recommended during the summer months, since it has a short, sharp back and sides.


The undercut first rose into prominence during the 1900s, and became a trend among the working class men. Today, however, this hairstyle continues to be a hot trend. Why? It’s because it gives you a variety of styles in on cut.

In this type of hairstyle, the back and sides are shaved. You have the option to keep your hair on top short, grow it to a medium length or longer. If you opt for a longer top, you can slick your hair back, to the right or left. It combines long and short styles that stand out from all angles.