How to Prepare for Your Next Salon Visit

Most people would just set an appointment with their stylist when they want to change up their looks. On the day of the appointment, they’d just come in, tell the stylist what they want and expect great results. Easy, right? Wrong. Taking time to prepare for your appointment can lead to a more enjoyable experience and better results.

Here’s how to prepare for your next salon visit.

Wash your hair before your appointment

Most people assume that it’s fine to come to the salon with dirty hair since it will be washed prior to the cutting process. Unless you already have a good relationship with your stylist, he/she will have to take a look at your hair. Stylist will have to check on your hair while it is dry to see how you currently style your hair and determine your hair type and hair texture.

Second or third day hair is acceptable, but please don’t go over a week. The consultation process will be a lot harder if you roll in with dirty strands.

Be honest

During the consultation, your stylist will ask you a few questions about previous treatments and how you deal with your hair. Answer the questions as honestly as you can. If you previously used a home coloring kit, then tell your stylist about it. The formula they’ll be using on your hair will be based on your hair health and history. Being truthful to your stylist can mean the difference between gorgeous-looking hair and a head of straw.

Bring some photos

Some people have a preconceived concept of the style and color they want before they even enter the salon. We highly recommend that you bring photos of the style you want so your stylist will have a good idea about what you want to achieve.

You need to understand that some hairstyles only work well with specific hairtypes and face shapes. Your stylist will talk to you about this during the consultation. He/she will tell you whether or not it will look great on you.

Have realistic expectations

Just because you brought some photos of the style you want, it is no guarantee that you’ll have the exact same result. Hair stylists are trying their best to achieve the look you want, but they don’t have magic wands. Plus, the difference in hair type, texture, and face shape can have a big difference on the end result.