Biggest Fashion Trends for 2017

2017FashionWhile minimalism has ruled in 2016, it looks like 2017 trends will be a little different from the style that we were used to.

In this blog post, we’ll try our best to paint a pretty clear picture about what to expect in the fashion industry this year. Read on for a roundup of fashion trends that we’ll be wearing this coming spring.

Stripes galore

We’ve seen stripes for 2 -3 seasons already, but it will be here to stay in 2017. This year, get ready to see fashion’s favorite print in all colors and sizes on every type of clothing – from oversized shirts to knit dresses and chunky sweaters. Stripes are timeless and totally wearable. Who doesn’t love stripes?

Platform shoes

Don’t get us wrong, we love the comfort and versatility that sneakers offer. But after seasons of ubiquitous all-white kicks, fashion experts believe that it’s time for new footwear to take over our closets this year. Reach for new heights with platform shoes.

Since today’s women are more focused on comfort, style, and practicality, there will be an increase in demand for sky-high platforms and lesser demand for high-heeled shoes. If you want the lift without the painful arch, platforms are the way to go.

Pink will reign supreme

Pink is the color of the season, and there seems to be a consensus amongst designers. Brands like Loewe, Gucci, Valentino and Balenciaga each sent out a bright pink draped midi dress worn with colored tights and heels.

That means, rose, bubblegum and bold pops of fuchsia are replacing your basic neutrals. Well, you can never have too much pink in your closet.


Skinny jeans have reigned supreme for a long time, but this season, designers are bringing back the bell bottoms or wide-legged trousers from the mid-70s and early 2000s. They’re not just comfortable to wear; they’re also flattering on all figures. This year, it’s time to ditch your skinnies. Look and feel your best with wide-legged trousers.