Why You Should Invest in a Salon-Quality Hair Dryer

We all love a good bargain. In fact, many of us would choose the cheaper, comparable option instead of spending a huge sum of money on a more expensive product. After all, who would want to spend $300 if you can get the same product for $20? What most people fail to realize, however, is that most of these are sold at a higher price because they are of higher quality. This also applies to your hair dryer.

There is a difference between a drugstore blow dryer and a salon-quality blow dryer. While both products can do a good job of drying your hair, the cheaper option isn’t always the best option. Remember, the quality of your hair dryer does matter.

Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in a salon-quality hair dryer.

Long-term investment

Professional-grade blow dryers may be more expensive, but they are sure to last for a very long time. Think about it. These tools are used on a daily basis and usually cater to about 5 to 10 clients a day. Considering that you’ll use it on your own, it is guaranteed to serve you for several years.

Heat and power control

One of the best features of salon-quality hair dryer is that you can adjust the heat setting. These blowers have multiple heat settings. The higher setting can be used to remove moisture from your hair. You can use the lower setting for styling your hair once it is 90% dry. The low setting is recommended for those with thin or fragile hair.

Cool shot button

The cool shot button is there for a reason. We suggest that you switch over to the cool shot when your hair is about 80% dry. This will add shine to your hair and set the final look for long-lasting hold. Blasting cool air on your hair will help keep your style in place.

Dry faster

Most salon-quality blow dryers have wattage as high as 3600. The higher the wattage, the faster it will be to dry your hair.

If you’re using a drugstore version, it probably takes you a while to dry your hair. This is because these dryers usually have lower wattage. If you have fine, thin hair, blow dryers with wattage of 1800 and up will do. But if you have thick, coarse hair, look for one with a higher wattage.