Tips to Make Air-Dried Hair Look Awesome

When it comes to shiny and gorgeous-looking hair, there is only one avenue you can take – blow drying. While we agree that blow drying can make your hair look amazing, frequent exposure to heat can damage your hair. Eventually, you may end up with split ends, dry and frizzy hair, which is not a good thing.

To prevent heat damage, we recommend that you air dry your hair. Yes, it may take a while, but air dried hair can look as great as blow dried hair. Here are some tips to make air-dried hair look awesome.

Use a microfiber towel

After a shower, people tend to rub their hair with an ordinary towel. Although it does a great job in drying our body, it’s not ideal for drying your hair.

Rubbing your hair with a bath towel can cause damaged, frizzy hair. To prevent damage, we recommend that you use a microfiber towel instead. It is gentler and it absorbs more water; thus, cutting your drying time in half. Give your hair a gentle squeeze to get rid of excess moisture. Then, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel as you go about your morning business. Once you’re done, just take it off and then give your hair a little scrunch.

Apply oil on wet hair

It’s our instinct to wring out hair before applying any hair product. But what most people fail to realize is that our hair tends to absorb products better when it is wet. Apply Argan Oil on your hair once you get out of the shower. Keep the application minimal to prevent greasy hair. This will seal the hair cuticles and help block out humidity so it doesn’t frizz.

Apply hair products

Most people think that air drying means letting their hair dry on its own. While it is true to some extent, it also takes extra work to achieve beautiful air dried hair.

To achieve gorgeous tresses, you’ll need a product. Use products that are specifically made for your hair type. If your hair is dry and dull, apply a leave-in conditioner. If you have fine, thin hair, use a volumizing spray. Remember, product is your friend.