Tips for a Stress-Free Haircut for Your Child

Some children don’t like having their hair cut. They would scream, cry and kick, making it almost impossible to even drag them into the salon or barbershop. After all, seeing yourself in the mirror while someone cuts your hair with those big, shiny scissors can be frightening. The younger they are, the more likely this will be the case.

Getting a haircut doesn’t always have to be filled with anxiety. Follow these tips for a stress-free haircut for your child.

Make sure they’re in a good mood

Taking a tired or crabby child to get a haircut is not a good idea. Forcibly restraining the child will only make matters worse.

When planning a trip to the salon, make sure that your child is in a good mood and is willing to sit up on the chair. Allow them to take a nap before your appointment. Also, give them a light snack before leaving the house. It’s better to give them a haircut when they’re happy.

Hold them in your lap

If your little one is having a hard time sitting on the chair, hold him/her in your lap. This will help the child feel more at ease and comfortable, knowing that you’re there the entire time.

Let them watch

If this is the first time your child is getting a haircut, we suggest that you come to the salon early. This way, your child can watch and observe how a haircut is done. Or better yet, bring your child to your own appointment so he/she can watch. This will help the child understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Hopefully, this will help him/her feel more relaxed.

Pick a child-friendly salon

Rather than going to your own salon, it is best to find a child-friendly salon. They have staff members, who specialize in kid’s haircut. Some have special seats just for children and even give out lollipops or treats. Remember, the environment in which the haircut takes place can contribute to a more successful, less stressful haircut experience.