Shower Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Hair

Great hair starts in the shower. If you want healthy, glossy hair, you need to give your hair the time and attention it needs in the shower. If you’re investing in good quality hair products but you still aren’t getting the results you want, odds are you’re making some mistakes that could be throwing everything off.

Here are 4 shower mistakes that can ruin your hair.

You aren’t patient with your conditioner

Regular washing can dry out your hair. You need to condition your hair regularly to keep it nourished and hydrated. Although most people condition their hair, they aren’t leaving it on long enough.  Conditioner should be left in your hair for at least 3 minutes so you can have totally luscious locks.

If you’re really pinched for time, we suggest that you wash your hair with conditioner instead. It may not leave your hair squeaky clean, but it provides a gentler way to clean your hair and scalp. Plus, it won’t dry out your hair.

You’re scrubbing your scalp

Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Shampooing is a great way of taking care of your scalp as it helps eliminate product build up, leaving it clean. However, you don’t need to massage your scalp harshly to make sure that it’s clean. Scrubbing can cause red, scaly patches on the scalp. Be gentle with your scalp.

You’re showering with hot water

There is no doubt that taking a hot, steamy shower is relaxing. However, exposing your hair to extreme temperatures can really dry out your hair. If you do this regularly, we bet you have dull, dry and lifeless hair.

You’re skipping deep conditioners

There are a lot of things that can dry out your hair – poor diet, frequent use of hot tools, prolonged exposure to the sun, chlorine, frequent washing etc. With all the things that can ruin your hair, you need to take steps to nourish, strengthen and moisturize your locks. Deep conditioners can assist you in that department. If your showering routine still doesn’t include deep conditioning treatment, we recommend that you get on it stat.