How to Deal When You Hate Your Haircut

When you booked an appointment with your hairstylist, you imagine yourself walking out of the salon with gorgeous hairstyle, knowing full well that the hours and money you spent in the salon are all worth it.

You look at the mirror expecting to love your new hairstyle, but what you feel is the opposite of joy. Oh no! This is the opposite of hairstyle you had in mind, and you absolutely hate it. What are you supposed to do?

Here are some life-saving hacks for individuals who hate their new haircut.

Say something

Hairstylists want to make you as happy as they can. But if you don’t like your haircut, don’t be afraid to speak up while you’re still in the salon so he/she can have it fixed right away.

Sometimes, our hair looks great after being cut or blow dried. But if you realize that you don’t like your haircut after you washed your hair, call the salon and talk to your stylist.  You can go back in the same day or a few days later. Give the stylist a chance to fix it.

Look to celebs for inspiration

You adore Chrissy Teigen’s long, beachy waves. If anyone has mastered the quintessential beach waves, it’s her. But now that you have a bob, Chrissy can no longer be your hair icon. This time, you might want to look at other celebrities with the same hairstyle as yours for inspiration.

Wait it out

If you’ve been used to wearing your hair long, it can be shocking to see yourself with short hair. I know you’re frustrated and you want it fixed now. But if like your hair was cut too short, there’s nothing you can do right now but to wait for your hair to grow.

Time is the best friend, not only of broken hearts but of bad haircuts as well. Realize that short hair can be amazingly chic, too. Plus, remember that your hair will grow back. There’s no reason to feel like your hair is a mess.