How to Banish with Dry, Itchy Scalp This Winter

Most people experience itchy and flaky scalp during the winter months. This can be really uncomfortable, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night scratching your head. Often, people assume that this is dandruff. After all, the symptoms are very similar. However, dandruff and dry scalp are two different things. Treating dry scalp as dandruff will only exacerbate the problem.

Here are some tips on how to banish with dry, itchy scalp in winter.

Revamp your shower routine

The winter weather combined with the use of harsh shampoo can dry out your hair and scalp. If you are suffering from dry hair and scalp, you may want to switch out your shampoo.

When shopping for shampoos and conditioner, you need to choose the one that works well with your hair type. In this case, you may want to go with a mild, moisturizing shampoo. This type of shampoo will cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. Also, wash your hair with lukewarm water. We know it feels incredibly relaxing to take hot showers, but this will only exacerbate your scalp’s condition.

Cut back on styling products

There are different types of styling products. Each of them performs different function. Some are intended to give the hair shine, while others help combat frizz. These products make your hair look great and keep it in place. But if you have dry, itchy scalp, we recommend that you cut back on styling products. The use of different products will only worsen an existing scalp condition.

Amp up the moisture

The cold winter weather can dry out our skin. Often, people would reach for hand cream, lip balm, and exfoliating cleanser to soothe dry, scaly skin. Unfortunately, some people fail to give the same attention to their scalp.

Dry scalp is just that, it’s dry. To improve the condition of your scalp, you need to amp up the moisture. One of the best ways of doing this is by doing hot oil treatments once a week. Heat up some natural oils like coconut, olive or jojoba oil and apply it on your scalp. Massage your scalp for a few minutes. This will add moisture and improve the circulation to your scalp. Plus, it’s extremely relaxing.

Drink up

Dry scalp can happen all year round, but it is more common in winter. Keeping your hair, skin, and scalp hydrated and moisturized isn’t just about slathering on some products. We often forget one of the simplest ways of staying hydrated – drinking lots of water.

Increase your fluid intake. Not only will you be rewarded with gorgeous skin, hair, and scalp, your organs will also function better. Drink up. Your body will thank you for it.